Tennisclinic concept: We teach according to the contact point system of Dr. Hauer. In our opinion, the most succsessful and effective way to learn tennis. All strokes are developed from the contact point, that applies for the backswing and also for the follow-trough. In all cases we start playing and simply extend straight forward and upwards, giving the ball direction and height. This limits a too wide backswing and develops an economical technique, that means less power because hitting the ball ealier, that is to say saving energy - hitting the ball earlier - hit the ball on the raise. We prepared eleven standard exercises, which we often use during training and can be used playing with a partner during training. You can find these exercises at the link Tennis school.

Klaus Moik Austria
Tennis school director FIT tennis instructor - Italy Tennistrainer diplom OLTV - Austria professeur de Tennis AST - Swiss Languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish
Hunter Owen USA Texas
Languages: english
Alberto Cestarollo Italy
federal master FIT
Niko Grahovic Croatia
Languages Croatian, Italian, English, German
Alessio Bresciani Italy
Languages: italian and english
Andrea Corso Italy
FIT master Languages: Italian, English and German